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Brown rice vegetarian special
Tamago Sushi 2, Vegetables Maki 6, Avocado Maki 3, Cucumber Maki 3, Inari 1 ,Salad

Price: 14.00

Brown rice 10pcs nigiri sushi set
Chef selection of 10 pcs nigiri sushi.

Price: 14.50

Brown rice special A
Salmon Sushi 4, Salmon Sashimi 4, Salmon Avocado Maki 6, Edamame

Price: 16.00

Brown rice special B
Tuna Sushi 3, Salmon Sushi 3, Tuna Sashimi 3, Salmon Sashimi 3, Salmon Avocado Maki 3, Tuna Avocado Maki 3, Salad and wakame seaweed.

Price: 20.00

Brown rice special C
Salmon & Avocado Maki 6, Salmon Sushi 6, Salmon Sashimi 5, salmon maki 6.

Price: 23.50

Brown rice special D
Edamame, Salmon & Avocado Maki 6, Salmon Sashimi 3, Tuna Sashimi 2, Sea Bass Sashimi 3, Salmon Sushi 2, Tuna Sushi 2, Sea Bass Sushi 2

Price: 26.00

Brown rice salmon tuna nigiri set
Salmon Sushi 6, Tuna Sushi 4

Price: 16.00

Brown rice Salmon Chirashi
Salmon Chirashi whth brown rice

Price: 12.00

Brown rice Mixed Chirashi
Mixed Chirashi with brown rice

Price: 13.00

Brown rice Salmon & Tuna Chirashi
Salmon & Tuna Chirashi with Brown rice

Price: 14.00

Brown rice Chicken Katsu Don
Deep fried Chicken, egg and condiment with Brown rice

Price: 9.50

Brown rice Salmon Avocado Maki
6 x Brown rice salmon and avocado maki

Price: 6.00

Brown rice Crunch
5 (large) x fried prawn and avocado brown rice maki

Price: 7.50

Brown rice Samurai
7 x deep fried Shrimp & Salmon, avocado Brown rice roll

Price: 9.00

Brown rice Wild Dragon
7 x deep fried shrimp & Unagi, avocado brown rice roll

Price: 9.00

Brown rice Red Dragon
7 x deep fried shrimp & Tuna, avocado brown rice roill

Price: 9.00

Brown rice Rainbow
7 x california roll with Seven kind of fish brown rice roll

Price: 10.00

Brown rice Tiger Roll
7 x california roll with cooked shrimp brown rice roll with spocy sauce

Price: 7.50

Brown rice Princess
7 x spicy Tuna with avocado, tobiko brown rice roll

Price: 9.00

Brown rice Seven Sisters
10 x deep Fried Salmon, Tuna & seabass brown rice roll and spicy sauce.

Price: 9.00

Brown rice Wa special maki
7 x deep Fried shrimp & tuna, salmon, crab meat, tobiko brown rice roll

Price: 12.00

Brown rice Philadelphia
Fresh Salmon, Avocado & Cucumber with cream cheese.

Price: 6.50

Brown rice spicy bento
Brown rice 2 Tuna Sushi, 2 Salmon sushi, Spicy Chicken Karage, 6 Spicy Tuna Maki, 6 Spicy Salmon Maki

Price: 20.00

Brown rice vegetarian special
Brown rice Vegetable Maki

Price: 13.50

Brown rice Avocado Maki
Brown rice Avocado Maki

Price: 3.40